Catfish in Prague

Catfish in the river Vltava

Catfish in and around Prague   Catfish in the city center Prague. Perhaps it might seem to someone fetched but it is not. Catfish in the river Vltava abundant fish. Just know when and where they go. And from that we have for you one of the best Catfish anglers will appreciate in the Czech Republic as a guide. Thanks to his knowledge, our fully equipped luxury boat not only make you feel as a real pro but you do it and you will become. Since all knowledge that Mr. Libor Hrdobec for x years of accumulated will gladly forward and handle everything with what you might find. Discover the beauty of the night Vltava splitting catfish are fed into a buoy, while voltage jingle bells and unforgettable experiences in overcoming the Vltava River catfish. Are you a beginner? We will teach you from A to Z everything you need for fishing for catfish. We will explain everything you need to mount through work with the lure of a echosounder. If you are an experienced Catfish anglers will appreciate the more you enjoy it. Our boat is fully equipped to hunt and therefore, besides good mood with you need nic.Pleas keep in mind that all the fish return water. Site:  Facebook site Tel:+420 777 132 456   mailovač Zaslat e-mail adminovi - Váš E-mail Kontaktujte admina této stránky! Počasí In-počasí